Version 2.5.3

New features

Document Versioning – Documents can now have multiple versions. This means that if you already have an Output Dependency, adding a new version will update all the dependent tasks.

Mandatory Documents – You can now mark input and output documents as Mandatory. Now you can have greater control over what is needed for a task to be completed or to start. 

Workdays setup – You can now choose to only include workdays when creating a Board from a Board Template and have the duration of tasks that fall on non-working days automatically adjusted. 


Edit/Delete Milestone – The Milestones can now be edited and deleted from Board Overview. 

Asset amounts moved to decimal – You can now add assets (and milestones) with decimal amounts.

Navigation UX update – We made some changes to Navigation, now Board Templates are separate, and you can even see which Project a certain Board belongs to.

Dependency UX update – We added some new icons and improved overall experience when working with Task Dependencies 

Fixed bugs

17 bugs of various complexity were resolved