Version 2.6.3

New features

Updated Navigationindependent and project boards are now separate in the left navigation sidebar. All project boards are now grouped togehter and shown as a part of the specific project.

Moving multiple tasks on the timelinemultiple tasks can be moved either by selecting specific tasks you want to be moved or by moving related tasks all at once

Updated look for Tasks and Milestones – colorblind friendly with corner icons and easier to track. You can now easily see which tasks are late, finished later than expected or on track

Project/Board relation updatemoving existing boards to projects, excluding boards from projects and moving a board from one project to another is now possible


Creating dependencies – selecting multiple tasks when creating a task dependency is now possible

Workdays algorithm – improved and better optimized

Dashboard shortcuts – specific Projects can now be accessed directly from the Task breadcrumbs in the Dashboard

Timeline autoscroll autoscroll is now enabled while dragging tasks on the Timeline

Improved overview – All Boards and All Projects sections now have a more intuitive look

Info Board – the view for editing and deleting Announcements is updated

Task Reports – a description field is added in the Task Reports

Copy and visuals – updated throughout the whole web app

Fixed bugs

Not receiving emails in new Boards

Trouble with adding a new email account through navigation

Issue with event invitation for external participants through email

Creating duplicate relations

Not receiving notifications for Role Guest

When creating a Board from a Board Template document type and mandatory fields were not copied

Creating multiple users with the same email was possible

Several Reports Module bugs