Version 2.7.3

New features

Resource Management – utilization of Project resources can now be tracked through Teodesk. By uploading Project Pricelists and inputting resource spending as the project moves along, the real-time value of those resources can be tracked.

Role-based Task assigning – tasks can now be assigned to Board roles in Board templates. They are then automatically assigned to users chosen for the roles once an active Board is created.

Task Activity – in addition to Board activity, the activity log is now available at task level as well

Importing multiple Boards to a Project – multiple boards can now be uploaded from CSV. By choosing a template for these Boards, we can have multiple ready-to-use Boards added in a few clicks.


Board Templates version control – Users are now notified before editing a Board Template that is already in use and given the option to create a new version or continue editing the old one

Fixed bugs

Problems with receiving Reminder/Event/Meeting notifications

Issue with Board Members that are not a part of the Project not showing up as responsibles for tasks in Milestone Preview

Issue with assigning Task Dependencies from the Project module

Users being able to remove themselves from a Project even if they are the last member

Non-alignment in task name changes between grid and Timeline view

Project Boards not visible in searches when creating stages, task or task templates from the navigation

The order of tasks that is changed in grid view is not updated in the timeline view

Board statistics displayed the number of all created boards instead of only active boards

Users couldn’t see in navigation the Project boards they were added to, if they weren’t also a part of the Project

Users not being able to remove themselves from a board even when they were not the last member and had no tasks assigned to them

A board that’s added to a Project not appearing in the navigation until the page is refreshed

Users could drag task “start date” over the task’s “end date” in the Timeline view

A previously Independent board could be added to a Project without a start date

Output documents from Task 1 could be deleted on Task 2, where it served as an input document