Calendar Module Overview

The Calendar Module is accessed by hovering over the left sidebar and clicking on the section “Calendar”.



Here you can see all set events, meetings and reminders.



To add new meetings, events and reminders click on the „+“ icon in the bottom left corner.



In the top left corner, you can choose between year, month, week and day view.



By pressing the “Previous” and “Next” buttons you can see the previous or following year, moth, week or day, depending on the view.


Home Overview

The Home section gives you an overview of all things currently being done in Teodesk.

On the left side we have the “YOUR DAY AT A GLANCE” and the “CALENDAR” sections.

In the “YOUR DAY AT A GLANCE” section you can see the number of meetings, events and tasks that are waiting for you today.

In the “CALENDAR” section you can see which events, meetings, reminders and birthdays you have waiting for you in the next few days.



In the central section you automatically have your tasks shown. However, you can see other information to by clicking on the drop-down menu.



On the right side you have the “ANNOUNCEMENTS” and the “NOTES” sections, where you can add announcements and notes.