Version 2.10.3



  • Using filters in Dashboard columns – Values in Dashboards can now be filtered by selected parameters for a better overview
  • Dynamic fields as Dashboard parameters – Information added through task templates can be tracked through Dashboards as well
  • Right-click menu opening – Right-click on any of the task fields in the Dashboard and Board Table view allows for quick changes without having to go back to the task’s board or change the view

Task Templates

  • Dynamic fields The order of dynamic fields can now easily be changed by dragging and dropping the fields to the desired position
  • Adding FormsForms can now be added to tasks on both Board and Company level

Redesigned home page (Mobile version) – The home page is now more user-friendly and easier to navigate

Resource Management – Monetary overview of individual board realizations is now easily accessible through Resource Management

Boards The Table view can now be exported to CSV

Map viewTasks with a set latitude and longitude are now shown in the Map view of a Board


Task Templates – Mapping of particular Dynamic Fields to Task Fields is now available

Resource management – Daily entry value by position now automatically updates the cumulative value for that category


  • Users are now notified when they are added to a new project
  • A notification is sent to a user if the number of the created boards exceeds the limit, determined by their chosen package

Feedback – Home and the Dashboards module are added to the feedback form

Sidebar navigation – Easier navigation through Boards is now available


45 bugs of various complexity were resolved

How to export a Board from Teodesk?

Boards can be exported from the Teodesk Table view in the CSV format.

To do this, simply do a right-click anywhere on the board and choose the “Export Board” option.



After selecting this option, the download will automatically start.

How to add forms to a Board?

Forms can be added to tasks through task templates. Once a form is a part of a task template, it can be added to any task on the board.

To add a form to a template, choose either the Board or Company level option from the “Has form” dropdown menu.



Now, choose the dynamic fields that will make up the form. Dynamic fields that can be added are: Date filed, Number, Dropdown Menu, Text Filed, and Text Area.


Once you are done, click “Create”.

To now open the link you can send to someone in your organization, open the Board Templates section and click on “company/board level form” text.



After sending out the form, you’ll be able to track all their responses directly from the board.

How to add latitude and longitude to tasks?

Tasks with a set latitude and longitude are shown in the Map view of a Board.

To set both of these parameters click on a task to open the Task overview sidebar. Click on the edit button at the top right corner of the Task Details section.



Now add the desired values to both the Latitude and Longitude fields.



Once you’re done setting the parameters, click on Update to save the changes.


How to add dynamic field columns to a Dashboard?

Dynamic fileds are added to Dashboards in the “Fields” dropdown menue of a specific task (column) when creating or editing.

Start by clicking on the pen icon in the right corner of the task field.



Then, scroll down to the fileds dropdown menu and switch to the Dynamic fileds part of the menue.



Once you’ve selected the fields, click on “Create”/”Edit”.

How to use filters for Dashboard columns?

To use the Dashboard filters, double click on the filter icon below the field name.



A dropdown menu where we can select the parameter for filtering will open.



Here we can select the parameter for filtering. If there are many parameters, we can search through them by typing what we’re searching for in the search box at the top.