How to add dynamic field columns to a Dashboard?

Dynamic fileds are added to Dashboards in the “Fields” dropdown menue of a specific task (column) when creating or editing.

Start by clicking on the pen icon in the right corner of the task field.



Then, scroll down to the fileds dropdown menu and switch to the Dynamic fileds part of the menue.



Once you’ve selected the fields, click on “Create”/”Edit”.

How to use filters for Dashboard columns?

To use the Dashboard filters, double click on the filter icon below the field name.



A dropdown menu where we can select the parameter for filtering will open.



Here we can select the parameter for filtering. If there are many parameters, we can search through them by typing what we’re searching for in the search box at the top.

Version 2.9.3



  • Subtask realization is now visible in the task field in the timeline
  • Adding a new task can now be done in the unsorted task section of the Timeline
  • Tasks can now be followed, unfollowed or archived directly from the Timeline View by clicking on the 3 dots that appear when hovering over a task

Dashboards – Users can create custom dashboards for tracking selected information across boards that are created from the same template

Sharing Boards – Links to Boards can now be copied and pasted with preferred view saved

Task Documents – Documents can be added to tasks in the form of a link

Table view – Selected information can be copied to enable a quicker update

Project Stats – Statistics for Board, Stage and Task completion are added to Project Overview 

Project Notifications – Notifications can now be received for Project details and discussions

Feedback form – Users can now attach screenshots when sending their feedback

Board notifications – Notifications can now be received for all Board discussions

Inbox section – All discussions and email are now grouped together in the Inbox section

Employee Module – Employees can now be filtered by Manager listed on their profiles


Sharing Boards – Preferred Board view and task overview are saved when sending a link to a board

Task Dependencies

  • When adding a “Duplicated” or “Duplicated by” dependency, users can now select dependent tasks from a list of tasks that are currently assigned to them
  • When adding a “Duplicated” or “Duplicated by” dependency, Boards now have a Project identifier that makes selection easier

Assigning tasks

  • Tasks can now be assigned to Project members without adding them to individual boards 
  • Assigning teams to tasks is now visible in the “Task Activities” tab

Archived boards – There is now a label for archived boards which makes them easier to find and manage


  • Project Milestones can now be edited from the Board Module
  • Tasks can be accessed directly from the Board Milestone

Assigning Team responsibility – Teams can now be assigned to tasks in the Table view and each member receives a notification once there is a task assigned to the team

Task status update – Additional task statuses are now available (PENDING, APPROVED and CANCELED)

Stage header – The header is simplified with important information highlighted

Subtasks – Subtask name change can now be confirmed by pressing “Enter”

Task Documents – The document size limit has been increased from 10MB to 100MB

Adding a new board – The desired Project can now be selected when adding a new Board from the navigation

Board Timeline – Unsorted tab no longer closes with each task that is dragged to the timeline

Reports – Active and archived tasks can now easily be filtered when a report is created by changing the settings in the “Activity Flag” tab


37 bugs of various complexity were resolved

How to access the inbox module?

The inbox module gathers all task, board, and project discussions a user is a part of.

To access it, click on the Inbox icon in the top right corner.



A new section will open on the right with all messages listed.


How to enable Project Notifications?

Project notifications are enabled in the Project Overview in the Project Module.

By clicking on the 3 dots in the top left corner, we get to option to follow Project Details and Project Discussions.


These settings can be changed at any time.

How to add tasks in diffetent Board views?

Aside from adding tasks in the grid view and from the navigation, tasks can also be added from the Table and Timeline view.

To add a task in the Table view, scroll down to the end of the task list. By clicking on the plus in the bottom left corner, a new task is created.



Now we can add the task name and edit its information.

New tasks can also be added in the Timeline view. To add a new task, click on “Unsorted tasks” in the left bottom corner.



In the section that opens, click on “Add a task”. A new popup will open where you can name the task and choose in which stage you want to place it.



This task will then appear in the Unsorted tasks list and can be dragged and dropped anywhere on the timeline.