Who can see my projects?

The projects you create are only visible to you and the team members you add to the project. If you are the on added to a project, any changes you make in this project will be visible to all team members assigned to the same project.

If you wish to keep any information private from a part of your team, this can be done by creating a private stage.

Can I change my plan?

With Teodesk you can always trade up if you see that some functionalities could help you work more efficiently.

If you pay monthly you have the option of switching up your account package at the end of every month. With the yearly plans, only purchasing a larger package is available by contacting our team.

Can I use this tool for my whole organization or just my team?

Teodesk can be used both for teams and organizations.

What Teodesk aims to help you with is creating the perfect team, organizing and monitoring tasks in real time, as well as provide you with a new perspective on internal and external communication. This is done through planning and synchronization of all events related to operations and project activities.

The number of users is not limited and the software is flexible enough so that you can adapt it to the needs of your work environment. This means that you can use it for a team of five, as well as you could for a company with several thousand employees.

How does your pricing work?

Teodesk pricing is divided into three packages. The price of each package is determined by functionalities that are available for use within the app and additional services we provide you with. You can choose between the Basic, Professional and Enterprise package.

With any package, payments are done monthly or yearly per user. The number of users is not limited.

You can get more detailed information on what is available within every package on our pricing page.