Home Guides Project How to access the Cost Management module?

The Cost Management section of a project is accessed by switching the view in the top right corner. A drop-down menu will open by clicking on the “Timeline” field. From the dropdown menu, you need to choose “Cost management”.



 Once you’ve clicked on Cost Management, “Cost management” will open a new section. 



 The cost management module is divided into the columns:

  • Planned cost– It presents the planned costs of the board  for each position added to the board through the subset
  • Ordered cost– It presents a value of the costs from the Purchase order
  • Actual cost– It presents an actual cost, that occurred during the work to the location

Here you can track all costs added through the cost price list and arranged by the boards through the subset. 



For a better overview of Cost Management, you can also switch a view between Project, Board, and Sub-set views by clicking on “Boards” in the top right corner.



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