Home Guides Project How to add a cost pricelist to a Project?

A Cost price list is added in the “Project Price List” section in the top right.



By clicking on the three dots in the top right corner, you need to choose “Import cost price list” from the drop-down menu.



Once you have clicked on the “Import cost price list”, it will open a table for the import price list.



The table is divided by the columns:

  • Position ID It presents Cost ID (position CODE)
  • Position It presents a Cost description per position
  • Unit– It presents a Unit of issue for a specific position
  • Price– It presents the unit price per position

By double-clicking on the cell, you can add some of the values for specific columns.



If you have a price list in the Excel file, you can just paste the values from the Excel file to this table in the Teodesk app.

The cost price list has to have defined a “Price per position”, otherwise you can not create a price list. If you miss filling  a value to the cell, the cell for a price will be red.



When the costs have been added to the table you need to click “Create “ to be able to import the price list to the Project.




Once the Cost list is added, it will be listed in this section. To preview it, click once.


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