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To be able to add a new cost realization, you need to click on the “Import realizations” button in the bottom right corner.


Once you have clicked, a new table has been opened for adding a cost value for the specific type of costs that you defined through the imported price list.

In the beginning, the open table is empty and firstly you need to add the positions that have been arranged to the boards (location), through the created subset.


There are two ways to add a cost position in a table.

  • Double click on the cells in the “Position ID” column and type the Cost ID that you defined throughout importing the price list. By filling out the Position ID column, the Position, Unit, and Price columns will be automatically filled out.



  • Click “Apply all” in the top right corner and all positions that have been applied through the subset (purchase order) on this board will be shown in the table.



When positions have been added to the table, you need to insert a value of costs.



 All tables have been divided by the columns:

  • Planned cost– It presents the planned costs of the board for each position added to the board through the subset
  • Ordered cost– It presents a value of the costs from the Purchase order
  • Actual cost– It presents an actual cost, that occurred during the work to the location

 To be able to fill out the values for some of these categories just double click on the cells and enter a value. Having on mind to choose a date for import of realization in the top right corner.



 When all values have been inserted just click to “Add values” at the bottom of the right corner and all values will be added to the board.





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