Home Guides Project How to add a subsets in the Cost Management Module?

To be able to add subsets, you first have to add a Cost price list to the project: How to add a cost pricelist to a Project?

The Subsets are presented positions from the Price list grouped (by Purchase order) to provide Project Managers a cost overview on specific boards.

They are created by first clicking on the “Creation” in the top right corner.



After you have clicked on “Creation” you need to click to “Create a subset”.



Once you have clicked the “create a subset” a new window has been opened, and now you need to create a Subset (Purchase order).



By filling out information about the Name of the subset (Purchase order) you are starting the creation of the subset.



When you have defined the name of the subset (Purchase order), you need to select a position for the defined subset. (Positions have been added through  the Cost price list)



Once you have selected positions, a subset should be applied to some of the locations. 



When you have defined a name of a subset, selected positions, and applied it to a specific location, you need to click to “Create a subset.



Once you have clicked to “Create a subset” a created subset will open, with all positions from the subset listed.


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