Home Guides Boards Project How to add multiple Boards to a Project?

Multiple Boards are added to Projects in the “Import boards” section in the bottom left.



Now, to add multiple boards we first need to download and fill the available template.



Once we’ve downloaded it, we can fill in the needed information for future boards. It’s important not to edit the predefined fields on the top. For example: Even if there isn’t a Board Manager already predefined for the role, the “BoardManagerEmail” row still needs to be there when the .csv file is uploaded.



It’s also important to keep in line with the field requirements so all information is uploaded correctly. Dates need to be input in the YYYY-MM-DD formta, while email adresses need to be added with the predefined company suffix. In our example here the suffix is: @example.teodesk.com.

Along with the information from the .csv file, we can also decide on the template that will be used in creating new boards.



By choosing a template and importing boards in this way, we can create multiple boards with their complete structure set up much more quickly and efficiently.

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