Home Guides Boards How to add Planned and Actual Assets to a task?

Both Planned and Actual Assets are added in the Assets section of the task.

Start by adding the section to the task. First, click the wanted task to open the task sidebar and then click on the “+” icon in the top right corner.

From the dropdown menu that appears, choose “Assets”.



To first add Planned assets, click on the “ADD NEW ASSET” field. A new section will open.



Here we can input the name of the Asset, amount, unit, date, and type (Planned/Actual). Additionally, we can add labels, a description, or a document.

Once we’ve added the Planned amount, we repeat the process for the Actual amount once the Assets are utilized. The only difference is that we now choose “Actual” instead of “Planned” in the Type field.

This allows us to track whether we’re staying on track with our resources.

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