Home Guides Boards How to assign different dependencies between tasks?

Tasks cannot be connected via dependencies to any task that is being conducted outside of the board in which the task has been created.

There are several types of the relationships that can be assigned between tasks. In this example, we will name the task on which we are operating Task 1, and task that we are connecting this task to Task 2.

The possible dependencies you can assign are:

  • Is Blocking – The Task 1 is blocking realization of the Task 2
  • Blocked By – The Task 1 is blocked by realization of the Task 2
  • Parent – The Task 1 is a parent task of the Task 2
  • Child – The Task 1 is a child task of the Task 2
  • Duplicated – The Task 1 is a duplicate of the Task 2
  • Duplicated By – The Task 1 is being duplicated by the Task 2
  • Related – The Task 1 is simply related to the Task 2

When choosing the “Duplicated/Duplicated by” dependency, we have the option to connect tasks from different boards as well. Also, a special kind of dependency is the Input/Output Document dependency.

If we’re simply adding one of the depenedencies from the list, we start by opening the task we want to connect to others by clicking its name. Then, we click on the “+” icon in the right upper corner of the task side bar.



Choose “Task Dependencies” option from the drop-down menu. A new section where you can choose the type of task dependency and dependant tasks will open.



In the “Dependency type” drop-down menu you can choose the dependency you want to assign, while in the “Dependant tasks” you can choose multiple tasks you want as dependants.



After you’re finished, click on “Create”.

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