Home Guides Boards How to create a Board?

There are two ways a board can be created.

The first way is to start by clicking on the plus icon in the top right corner. From a drop-down menu you choose “Add Board”.



The second way of creating a board is to first hover over the left sidebar and then hover over “Boards”. Click on the “Create Board” button at the end of the list.



In both cases a sidebar will open.



Here you can choose of you want to use one of the templates in creating the board, name the board, describe what it’s about, add members and set a board manager.

By scrolling down and clicking on the “+” icon you can also add the start date, due date, status, category, client, budget and set up a ticketing account.


After you’re finishe with adding the information, you can create your project by pressing either “Create” or “Create and Open”. If you select “Create and Open” you will be sent directly to the new board, no matter which board or task you were currently viewing.

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