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Teodesk Dashboards are used for tracking various information from multiple Boards created from the same template.

Creating them can be done in 3 ways.

The first is to add them from the Dashboards section of Teodesk by clicking on the “Create Dashboard” button in the top right.



The second is to add the Dashboard from the left sidebar.



Finally, we can also add a new Dashboard from the navigation by clicking on the “+” button.



Once we’ve done this, a sidebar on the right will open. Here we can name the Dashboard, choose the type (currently only Board Template Dashboards are available), and on which Board Template the Dashboard be based.

Choosing a Board Template means that the dashboard will consist only of information from Boards that are created from that template. This makes it possible for us to have information from multiple boards (even if they aren’t a part of the same project) summarized into one place.

Example 1: We have crews working on 3 projects at the same time. While project completion is tracked through the project module, we also need a simple overview of all active work sites, regardless of the project that they belong to.

Example 2: We’re working on a complex project and need more in-depth information on sections of it. Certain boards and tasks are key to successful project completion and we need an overview that helps us track only the necessary information.



Through filters, we can section out the exact information that is needed in our Dashboard.

We can make our choice:

  • between all Projects that have a board created from our previously chosen template
  • based on the current status of the Board (e.g. can help with tracking all sites that are currently in progress)
  • based on a timeframe (e.g. can be used tracking how work is going in each quarter)
  • based on person responsible (e.g. can make tracking the success rates of an individual project manager easier)

To make the Dashboard fully suited for our needs, we can also select key tasks we want to track from the Boards.



To take it one step further, we can also choose the task fields we want to be listed, as well as change their order.



Once we’ve set all the parameters, we create our Dashboard by clicking on “Create”.

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