Home Guides Boards How to create a new version of a Task template?

While Task templates can’t be edited on their own, new versions can be created.

The creation of a new version is exactly the same as creating a new task template, ecxept that in the “From existing” section we choose the template from which we want to create the new version.



Once we’ve chosen the template from which we’re creating the new version, we need to decide if this new version will be used from now on. If yes, then in the “Status” field we should mark it as active. If not, we should switch it to “Inactive”.



Now you can edit any of the previously added fields and add new ones if needed.

To easily change the order of dynamic fileds in a Task template, click on the dots in left side of the dynamic fileds and drag and drop it to the desired position.



Once you’re finished, click on “Create”.

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