Home Guides Boards How to define input and output documentation flow?

Output documentation is the documentation created or acquired during a task. We need this documentation to close a task and it’s often needed as input documentation for other tasks.

Input documentation is the documentation needed to initiate a task.

To create the documentation flow in a board, we first have to start from a task where the initial output document needs to be. Here we create the first document placeholder.

Click on the task and click on the “+” icon in the top right corner of the sidebar that opens.



In the menu that opens, choose “Attachments”.



Then click on the “ADD NEW DOCUMENT” field. A new section will open.



Here we first need to define the document type as “Output document”.



After we’ve chosen the document type, we add the document title and, if needed, a description.

The next step is to define the relationship between this task and the tasks that have the mentioned document as input documentation. This is done in the “Task Dependencies” section.



To add the right dependency click on the “Add new dependency” field and select output document.



Once we’ve done this, a new section will open. Here we need to choose the specific document we want to link and the task for which our output document is the input document.



By clicking “Create”, the input document placeholder will be automatically added to the dependent task.


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