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There are several ways tasks can be filtered in Teodesk.

First, tasks can be filtered by the person they were assigned to. This is done by clicking on the “Assignee” field in the top left corner.



After you click on this field, a list of all assignees appears. When you select the person you want, the filtered tasks are shown.

The second filter is the due date. You can filter tasks by due date by clicking on the Due Date field in the top left corner. When the calendar appears, select the desired due date.



Only the tasks with this due date will be listed.

The third way tasks can be filtered is by their status. In the Status field you can filter projects by whether their status is listed as “New”, “In progress”, “Paused”, “Blocked” or “Done”.



For example, if you select “Done”, the only projects that will appear will be the ones whose status is listed as Done.

Another way of filtering tasks is by using the search bar in the top left corner.



Here you can type in a label you have used or a keyword found in the name of the task. If a keyword and a label match, tasks containing either will appear after filtering.

If you wish to reset the filtering, you can simply click the Reset button.


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