Home Guides Boards How to only include workdays when creating a Board from a Board Template?

Choosing which days are workdays for a specific Board is done when we use a template to create it.

Once we choose the template, name the board, and set the start date, the option for setting workdays will appear. Until we set the start date, the option is not going to be available.



In the “Workdays” section, there are 3 options.



If we choose to exclude some days (either Sunday or the entire weekend), the tasks that fall on days will automatically be adjusted to still have the same number of workdays as they did in the board template.

For example:

Task 1 starts on board day 1 and lasts for 4 days. However, the first day of our board is Friday and 2 of the 4 days fall on a weekend. This would leave us with only 2 workdays to complete a 4-day job.

On the other hand, if we set our workdays to “Monday to Friday” the duration of the task will automatically be adjusted to 6 days.

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