Home Guides Boards How to set up approvals in Teodesk?

Teodesk approvals can be used when it comes to cash flowassets, and documents. They help us transparently communicate and be sure that the right people have the right information.

To be able to add approvers, we first need to add cash flowasset, or document to one of the tasks we have on our board.

If we’re, for example, adding approvers to a document, we first need to access the document section of a task.



To add approvers to one of the documents we need to click on the 3 dots next to the document. A list of options will open.



Once we’ve clicked on the “Approvals” section, we can start choosing the people to do it. Click on the “+” icon to open the list of possible approvers. If it’s needed, we can also add the element of hierarchy by ticking the box. The hierarchy will follow the same order in which we added the approvers.



All the approvers will be notified and will have the approval request listed on their Dashboard.

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