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Teodesk projects are used to group together all the locations done on one project and provide project managers with a quick overview of activities that need their attention the most. 

From the left sidebar, we can access specific projects, as well as the list of all projects we’re a part of. The list is accessed by clicking on the “Projects” section on the left, while a specific project is accessed from the list that appears to the right.



The project provides us with a general view of all necessary information.



All information on the project can be accessed and edited in the top right section. This includes project overview, project members, discussions, project pricelist, milestones and recent activity.



In the Project Overview, general project statistics are available.



On the left, there is a list of all boards that are a part of the project. By clicking on one of them, its tasks get displayed on the timeline on the right.



New boards are added in the bottom left corner. They can be added individually or by uploading multiple boards at the same time.



Lastly, in the top right corner, there are several filters we can use to manage our boards more easily.


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