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There are 3 ways you can receive notifications in Teodesk.

In-app notifications are an easy and customizable way of being notified about all relevant things happening in your team.



They are automatically received when someone mentions you, assigns a task, stage or board to you or changes the details of a board you’re a member of. 

There are 3 levels at which you can adjust the way you receive notifications:

  • follow stage/task
  • follow task components
  • notifications for individual components

If you follow a task/stage you will receive notifications on:

  1. if the person responsible was added or changed
  2. if the status was changed
  3. if the start and due date were added or changed
  4. if the description was added or altered.

Additionally, you can follow stage/task components where you receive notifications on any changes when it comes to:

  • adding documents
  • adding task relations
  • adding subtasks
  • adding cash flow
  • adding assets

It’s also possible to follow individual components of a task.



Once you are assigned to a task, you automatically follow the task and its components.



If you need to follow all tasks from a stage, you can easily do that in a few clicks.



To be actively involved in Board communication, you can also follow and receive notifications for discussions.



If you approve, you can also receive these notifications as push notifications.



Notifications from Teodesk can also be received via email and these can be customized in the settings section.



Additionally, if you use the Teodesk iOS or android app, the notifications will pop up on your phone as well.

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