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Planning in Teodesk is organized through projects, boards, stages, tasks, and subtasks. Each of them is developed and created to better structure work while, at the same time, making it possible to delegate more easily.

Its multi-level planning makes your work transparent and easy to manage.

How is it done?

  • Teodesk projects group together all the locations done on one project and provide project managers with a quick overview of activities that need their attention the most. 
  • Boards represent locations and contain all activities that have to be done for one of them to be marked as finished. To minimize repetitive work, boards are created from templates. 
  • Board templates hold a general structure of all activities in a location that can then be used with each new project.
  • Stages are the next level of planning and are used to create more structure within the board. They consist of tasks (work packages). 
  • The tasks hold all specific information on what work needs to be done and can be further broken down into subtasks if needed.
  • If we need to break down work any further, we can use Subtasks. They allow us to divide responsibility within a task and set due dates for each part of the task’s completion.

Teodesk is created smart. It identifies necessary steps for achieving goals and objectives. And we all know from our experience that thoughtful preparation can save significant resources in the long run. 

Teodesk is an intuitive tool for all your communication and planning. It provides a new perspective on internal and external communication through planning and synchronization of all events related to operations and project activities.

Our tool is all about helping leaders better understand how their team functions, while simplifying and accelerating all the processes that lead to success. Keywords used during the creation of Teodesk are innovation, smart design, and evolution, while our team’s inspiration lies in creativity and teamwork.

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