Version 2.12.3



  • Already made Dashboards can now be shared with other users to help them save time with setting the parameters that they want to be tracked
  • Task progress can be tracked through the Dashboard


Resource Management A bulk import of realized values can now be done


Milestones – The value of percentage milestones can now be tracked cumulatively


  •  Automatic scroll is added to forms
  • Documents can now be added to forms


  • Tasks in the table view can now be directly filtered from the table
  • “User” is added as a dynamic field option when creating a Task template

Reports –  Asset reports can now be retrieved for specified dates


25 bugs of various complexity were resolved

Version 2.10.3



  • Using filters in Dashboard columns – Values in Dashboards can now be filtered by selected parameters for a better overview
  • Dynamic fields as Dashboard parameters – Information added through task templates can be tracked through Dashboards as well
  • Right-click menu opening – Right-click on any of the task fields in the Dashboard and Board Table view allows for quick changes without having to go back to the task’s board or change the view

Task Templates

  • Dynamic fields The order of dynamic fields can now easily be changed by dragging and dropping the fields to the desired position
  • Adding FormsForms can now be added to tasks on both Board and Company level

Redesigned home page (Mobile version) – The home page is now more user-friendly and easier to navigate

Resource Management – Monetary overview of individual board realizations is now easily accessible through Resource Management

Boards The Table view can now be exported to CSV

Map viewTasks with a set latitude and longitude are now shown in the Map view of a Board


Task Templates – Mapping of particular Dynamic Fields to Task Fields is now available

Resource management – Daily entry value by position now automatically updates the cumulative value for that category


  • Users are now notified when they are added to a new project
  • A notification is sent to a user if the number of the created boards exceeds the limit, determined by their chosen package

Feedback – Home and the Dashboards module are added to the feedback form

Sidebar navigation – Easier navigation through Boards is now available


45 bugs of various complexity were resolved

Version 2.9.3



  • Subtask realization is now visible in the task field in the timeline
  • Adding a new task can now be done in the unsorted task section of the Timeline
  • Tasks can now be followed, unfollowed or archived directly from the Timeline View by clicking on the 3 dots that appear when hovering over a task

Dashboards – Users can create custom dashboards for tracking selected information across boards that are created from the same template

Sharing Boards – Links to Boards can now be copied and pasted with preferred view saved

Task Documents – Documents can be added to tasks in the form of a link

Table view – Selected information can be copied to enable a quicker update

Project Stats – Statistics for Board, Stage and Task completion are added to Project Overview 

Project Notifications – Notifications can now be received for Project details and discussions

Feedback form – Users can now attach screenshots when sending their feedback

Board notifications – Notifications can now be received for all Board discussions

Inbox section – All discussions and email are now grouped together in the Inbox section

Employee Module – Employees can now be filtered by Manager listed on their profiles


Sharing Boards – Preferred Board view and task overview are saved when sending a link to a board

Task Dependencies

  • When adding a “Duplicated” or “Duplicated by” dependency, users can now select dependent tasks from a list of tasks that are currently assigned to them
  • When adding a “Duplicated” or “Duplicated by” dependency, Boards now have a Project identifier that makes selection easier

Assigning tasks

  • Tasks can now be assigned to Project members without adding them to individual boards 
  • Assigning teams to tasks is now visible in the “Task Activities” tab

Archived boards – There is now a label for archived boards which makes them easier to find and manage


  • Project Milestones can now be edited from the Board Module
  • Tasks can be accessed directly from the Board Milestone

Assigning Team responsibility – Teams can now be assigned to tasks in the Table view and each member receives a notification once there is a task assigned to the team

Task status update – Additional task statuses are now available (PENDING, APPROVED and CANCELED)

Stage header – The header is simplified with important information highlighted

Subtasks – Subtask name change can now be confirmed by pressing “Enter”

Task Documents – The document size limit has been increased from 10MB to 100MB

Adding a new board – The desired Project can now be selected when adding a new Board from the navigation

Board Timeline – Unsorted tab no longer closes with each task that is dragged to the timeline

Reports – Active and archived tasks can now easily be filtered when a report is created by changing the settings in the “Activity Flag” tab


37 bugs of various complexity were resolved

Version 2.8.3

New features

Cross-board Task Dependencies – task can now be linked between multiple boards through the “Duplicated” and “Duplicated by” dependencies. By linking the tasks, we can save the same changes on all dependant tasks at the same time.

Table view – Table view gives us a new overview of tasks that makes multiple changes simpler and more efficient.

Assigning tasks to teams – teams consisting of multiple users can now be assgined to tasks. All members of the team are then notified of the new task and it can be efficiently delegated.


Resource Management Performance – Resource Management now loads more quickly and the date filter is improved

Board Roles – adding roles with the same name, as well as roles with non-alphabetical names is now available

UI improvements across the app – document upload is made quicker by having the document type pre-set, a file progress indicator is added to the file upload field and team management is made simpler.

Board Templates – templates are now shown in a separate tab in the “All Boards” section

Board CSV import – the form now saves previous inputs when uploading a new CSV file

Board Timeline – Unsorted tasks tab stays active after moving a task to the timeline

Name editing – added cancel option when editing Task and Stage name in Overview

Notifications – improved error handling and notifications when adding new users

Project Module – improved routing service to enable sharing of Tasks by URL previewed in Project Module

Feedback form – a new section for the Project Module has been added.

Fixed bugs

Created multi-browser support for scrolling on the timeline when dragging tasks and fixed major bugs with this feature

Notifications bug when mentioning someone in a discussion reply

Board Discussions not saved after refresh

Disappearing timeline coordinates when clicking on different boards

Multiple bugs fixed with filtering of boards and tasks in project module

Issues with notifications when copying boards

Issue with dragging and dropping unsorted tasks to timeline

Web push notifications now shown correctly on all browsers

Task list and timeline tasks now in sync while scrolling on task-heavy projects

Fixed connected bugs when clicking on tasks in board activity

Fixed issue with adding new education on the employee profile page

Tasks can now be updated in calendar module without errors

Timeline is now showing highlighted tasks in sync with opened task

All board lead options are now shown in the filter, even after the initial selection

Task Activity now working correctly in the Dashboard module

Email notification links now work properly

Task update now close form after update on the Dashboard Module

Task documents menu doesn’t have double options anymore

Unblocking blocked tasks now works in Project Module as well

After updating project in the board overview, project is not set to un-set afterwards

Fixed UI bug with overlapping input fields in “add new task” navigation panel

Board status now changed in real time in project module

Deleting event on dashboard now works in real time as well

Following of task discussion in board module bug is fixed

Board roles are refreshed when changing different Board Templates in the Board creation form

Version 2.7.3

New features

Resource Management – utilization of Project resources can now be tracked through Teodesk. By uploading Project Pricelists and inputting resource spending as the project moves along, the real-time value of those resources can be tracked.

Role-based Task assigning – tasks can now be assigned to Board roles in Board templates. They are then automatically assigned to users chosen for the roles once an active Board is created.

Task Activity – in addition to Board activity, the activity log is now available at task level as well

Importing multiple Boards to a Project – multiple boards can now be uploaded from CSV. By choosing a template for these Boards, we can have multiple ready-to-use Boards added in a few clicks.


Board Templates version control – Users are now notified before editing a Board Template that is already in use and given the option to create a new version or continue editing the old one

Fixed bugs

Problems with receiving Reminder/Event/Meeting notifications

Issue with Board Members that are not a part of the Project not showing up as responsibles for tasks in Milestone Preview

Issue with assigning Task Dependencies from the Project module

Users being able to remove themselves from a Project even if they are the last member

Non-alignment in task name changes between grid and Timeline view

Project Boards not visible in searches when creating stages, task or task templates from the navigation

The order of tasks that is changed in grid view is not updated in the timeline view

Board statistics displayed the number of all created boards instead of only active boards

Users couldn’t see in navigation the Project boards they were added to, if they weren’t also a part of the Project

Users not being able to remove themselves from a board even when they were not the last member and had no tasks assigned to them

A board that’s added to a Project not appearing in the navigation until the page is refreshed

Users could drag task “start date” over the task’s “end date” in the Timeline view

A previously Independent board could be added to a Project without a start date

Output documents from Task 1 could be deleted on Task 2, where it served as an input document

Version 2.6.3

New features

Updated Navigationindependent and project boards are now separate in the left navigation sidebar. All project boards are now grouped togehter and shown as a part of the specific project.

Moving multiple tasks on the timelinemultiple tasks can be moved either by selecting specific tasks you want to be moved or by moving related tasks all at once

Updated look for Tasks and Milestones – colorblind friendly with corner icons and easier to track. You can now easily see which tasks are late, finished later than expected or on track

Project/Board relation updatemoving existing boards to projects, excluding boards from projects and moving a board from one project to another is now possible


Creating dependencies – selecting multiple tasks when creating a task dependency is now possible

Workdays algorithm – improved and better optimized

Dashboard shortcuts – specific Projects can now be accessed directly from the Task breadcrumbs in the Dashboard

Timeline autoscroll autoscroll is now enabled while dragging tasks on the Timeline

Improved overview – All Boards and All Projects sections now have a more intuitive look

Info Board – the view for editing and deleting Announcements is updated

Task Reports – a description field is added in the Task Reports

Copy and visuals – updated throughout the whole web app

Fixed bugs

Not receiving emails in new Boards

Trouble with adding a new email account through navigation

Issue with event invitation for external participants through email

Creating duplicate relations

Not receiving notifications for Role Guest

When creating a Board from a Board Template document type and mandatory fields were not copied

Creating multiple users with the same email was possible

Several Reports Module bugs