Blog Version 2.9.3

Features Timeline Subtask realization is now visible in the task field in the timeline Adding a new task can now be done in the unsorted task section of the Timeline Tasks can now be followed, unfollowed or archived directly from the Timeline View by clicking on the 3 dots that appear when hovering over a […]

Blog Version 2.8.3

New features Cross-board Task Dependencies – task can now be linked between multiple boards through the “Duplicated” and “Duplicated by” dependencies. By linking the tasks, we can save the same changes on all dependant tasks at the same time. Table view – Table view gives us a new overview of tasks that makes multiple changes simpler […]

Blog Version 2.7.3

New features Resource Management – utilization of Project resources can now be tracked through Teodesk. By uploading Project Pricelists and inputting resource spending as the project moves along, the real-time value of those resources can be tracked. Role-based Task assigning – tasks can now be assigned to Board roles in Board templates. They are then […]