Article How to delete a Board?

To delete a project, access the Boards Overview. Here you can see your list of all of your boards. Start by finding the board you want to delete.     To send your project to “Trash” click on the trashcan icon. Boards can be recovered from “Trash”, if needed.     To finally delete your […]

Blog Version 2.12.3

Features Dashboards Already made Dashboards can now be shared with other users to help them save time with setting the parameters that they want to be tracked Task progress can be tracked through the Dashboard Boards A stage can now be added directly between already existing stages Task progress is modifiable independently from subtasks Board […]

Blog Version 2.7.3

New features Resource Management – utilization of Project resources can now be tracked through Teodesk. By uploading Project Pricelists and inputting resource spending as the project moves along, the real-time value of those resources can be tracked. Role-based Task assigning – tasks can now be assigned to Board roles in Board templates. They are then […]

Blog Version 2.5.3

New features Document Versioning – Documents can now have multiple versions. This means that if you already have an Output Dependency, adding a new version will update all the dependent tasks. Mandatory Documents – You can now mark input and output documents as Mandatory. Now you can have greater control over what is needed for a […]