Version 2.9.3



  • Subtask realization is now visible in the task field in the timeline
  • Adding a new task can now be done in the unsorted task section of the Timeline
  • Tasks can now be followed, unfollowed or archived directly from the Timeline View by clicking on the 3 dots that appear when hovering over a task

Dashboards – Users can create custom dashboards for tracking selected information across boards that are created from the same template

Sharing Boards – Links to Boards can now be copied and pasted with preferred view saved

Task Documents – Documents can be added to tasks in the form of a link

Table view – Selected information can be copied to enable a quicker update

Project Stats – Statistics for Board, Stage and Task completion are added to Project Overview 

Project Notifications – Notifications can now be received for Project details and discussions

Feedback form – Users can now attach screenshots when sending their feedback

Board notifications – Notifications can now be received for all Board discussions

Inbox section – All discussions and email are now grouped together in the Inbox section

Employee Module – Employees can now be filtered by Manager listed on their profiles


Sharing Boards – Preferred Board view and task overview are saved when sending a link to a board

Task Dependencies

  • When adding a “Duplicated” or “Duplicated by” dependency, users can now select dependent tasks from a list of tasks that are currently assigned to them
  • When adding a “Duplicated” or “Duplicated by” dependency, Boards now have a Project identifier that makes selection easier

Assigning tasks

  • Tasks can now be assigned to Project members without adding them to individual boards 
  • Assigning teams to tasks is now visible in the “Task Activities” tab

Archived boards – There is now a label for archived boards which makes them easier to find and manage


  • Project Milestones can now be edited from the Board Module
  • Tasks can be accessed directly from the Board Milestone

Assigning Team responsibility – Teams can now be assigned to tasks in the Table view and each member receives a notification once there is a task assigned to the team

Task status update – Additional task statuses are now available (PENDING, APPROVED and CANCELED)

Stage header – The header is simplified with important information highlighted

Subtasks – Subtask name change can now be confirmed by pressing “Enter”

Task Documents – The document size limit has been increased from 10MB to 100MB

Adding a new board – The desired Project can now be selected when adding a new Board from the navigation

Board Timeline – Unsorted tab no longer closes with each task that is dragged to the timeline

Reports – Active and archived tasks can now easily be filtered when a report is created by changing the settings in the “Activity Flag” tab


37 bugs of various complexity were resolved

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